Quit Smoking

Millions have quit smoking using hypnosis.  You can be one of them!

There are two programs I offer.

One approach is the Accelerated Stop Smoking Program which requires 2 sessions to complete, providing you with greater success than any one-session stop smoking program.

The other program uses a process that is more thorough.  Most smokers realize their smoking habit is more than just a habit—the drive to smoke greatly increases under stress or while experiencing other emotions. Most of my clients are able to connect the way they smoke with the way they feel.  Others are emotional smokers and aren’t aware of it.

My approach is a proven hypnotherapeutic process that will empower you to take back control over those bad habits and the emotional smoking.

I was a 30 year, pack a day smoker.  I had tried gum, patches, prescriptions, will power, you name it, I tried it, and nothing worked.  I finally made up my mind that I was serious about quitting so I started looking for help.  During a series of web searches, I came across the concept of hypnotherapy to aid in smoking cessation.  That is how I got connected with Beth.  Beth is warm, friendly, open and honest.  One of the things that really impressed me was that Beth told me that if I weren’t serious and ready to quit, then hypnotherapy just was not going to work.  Hypnotherapy cannot make you do something that you are not willing and committed to doing.  On the day of our first appointment, I sat outside of Beth’s office at 9:25am smoking what I was hoping would be my last cigarette.  Beth worked me through an introduction to hypnotherapy.  She helped me feel very comfortable and very calmly and patiently started working with me so that together, we would change my life.  All I wanted was to quit smoking.  Today, I can tell you that at a minimum I am a non smoker.  I can’t imagine ever picking up a cigarette again.  It is hard for me to measure the impact that Beth has had on my life.  All I wanted was to quit smoking.  What I ended up with was so much more.


Removing the emotional link that has caused you to smoke also assists you in maintaining your goal once you achieve it!

Which approach will serve you best?  Call now to arrange your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

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